Alison Hadfield

Our Year Two class has been studying mini beasts and life cycles this term, so we were really delighted to have Phil Hunton with us for the day to share all his expert knowledge about biodiversity and to help us to build a specially designed butterfly cafe. We started the day in the classroom, learning more about butterflies and their habitats and Mr. Hunton answered lots of interesting questions. We then went outside and he showed us how to measure a perfect circle using string around a stake, soon we were weaving the walls of our cafe. We planted butterfly friendly seeds that we will enjoy looking after for the next few weeks. The whole day was really well and informative and also great fun. Everyone learnt something new and the cafe is a really lovely attractive addition to our school grounds. We hope it will increase the biodiversity of our local area and we are really looking forward to seeing how many butterflies visit our garden.

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