Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology College – Lancashire
Teacher: Mark Crompton
“Thank you for the discussion yesterday, regarding coming to our school for delivering the various ECO workshops with different ages. Please could you email approximate prices and details.”
Format:  Sliver Eco School Award
Workshops: Green Shoots / Up-cycling Workshops
Key stage: 3-5
Amount of workshops: 21
Number of days: 4 
Quote submitted by teacher: “We really enjoyed our super learning week! Philip managed to cover the whole school with the carousel format.  Both the Green shoots and Up-cycling workshops were well received year by yr groups 7 to 10. We learned that  food miles were greater than we imagined. The seedlings in paper pots were taken home to grow and pupils that didn’t have an garden, we’re able to use our newly constructed raised beds.IMG_1586 The four days of green workshops, will be used as evidence towards our Eco Schools Silver Flag award. Thanks for a memorable Super Learning Week”. 
Cardinal Newman Catholic School, East Sussex – Hove
Teacher: Kathryn Inkpen
“Thanks for the call earlier about our forthcoming Eco Enrichment day on Tuesday 27th March, it’s much appreciated and we’re really looking forward to the sessions!”
Format: Food miles, where does our food come from?
Type of workshops: Green Shoots
Key stage: 3 -5
Corn Number of Days: 1
Amount of workshops: 4
Number of students taught: 140

Quote submitted by teacher: “The Green Shoots workshop was excellent! Teaching the children about food and where it comes from in a fun and interactive way, I’m sure we will all think twice about food miles. Many thanks, we look forward to working with Green up your act again.”


Sussex Streatham Clapham School for Girls

Teacher: Kate Webber

“We’re currently planning an ‘Eco Day,’ for the summer term and we would really like someone to come in and lead an interactive workshop/assembly with our girls to kick start the day. Your website looks very interesting and I would very much like to discuss this with you further.”

Format: Eco-Science Day
Workshops: Up-cycling Workshops
Amount of workshops: 12
Key Stage: 3-5
Days: 2
Students taught: 396
“Our Eco day was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the girls at Streatham and Clapham. We were really lucky to have the company Green Up Your Act come in to carry out some fantastic workshops that encouraged the girls to think about the environment, and supply them with ideas on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home and school. The workshops were educational, hands on and lots of fun! The up-cycled juice cartons were a particular favourite.”
Uckfield Technology Collage – East 
Teacher: Anna Frendo – Sustainability Co-ordinator
Format: Eco Week
Amount of workshops: 6
Key stage: 3-5
imgres Number of days: 1
Number of students: 193
Feedback submitted by teacher: ”Fantastic, the kids really enjoyed having a new face to teach them about the importance of sharing the earth’s resources. They  particularly enjoyed the practical aspect of the lesson – using tetra packs (which are so difficult to recycle), to make something useful  they could take home.”  


Green up your Act