Hands-on Eco Holiday Workshops

Green Up Your Act’s range of hands-on eco workshops will ensure your holiday activities inspire everyone who takes part. Designed at a range of levels to engage the audience you want to reach and suitable for children, young people and intergenerational family groups. Each workshop explores environmental issues and brings them to life through stimulating discussions, practical and creative activities which get everyone involved. Workshops can be tailored to your setting and delivered in a group session or drop in format.

We are passionate about all things sustainable: recycling, up-cycling, stemming the tide of plastics in the ocean, global/local biodiversity, endangered species & their habitats and the growing of seasonal food.

Current popular hands on activities include:

Up-cycled Notebooks

Using the theme of recycling and reuse as the focus, this workshop gets people looking at ways they can lead more sustainable lives and get creative with materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. After exploring a wide range of creatively up-cycled objects and materials, each participant gets to make their own up-cycled notebook to take home.

Up-cycled Juice Carton Wallets 

Focusing on how each of us can reduce our ecological footprint and help maximise our earth’s precious resources, this workshop raises awareness of green issues coming up every day at home and out in the wider world. Alongside exploring a variety of colourful up–cycled objects made from different materials each participant gets to make their own eye-catching, durable wallet from a juice carton.

Eco Fish 

This activity explores the impact of marine litter on wildlife and how we can all support a thriving ocean ecosystem. After looking at issues focusing on plastics in our oceans, participants get to create their own colourful and eye catching eco fish artworks from natural cork and recycled plastics to take home.

Happy Habitats Butterfly and Bug Seed Book 

This activity looks at the important role of how gardening and planing with wildlife in mind, bugs and bees are allowed to flourish. After exploring ideas around great garden habitats for insects and wildlife, participants make their own recycled booklet and use range of nature themed rubber stamps to decorate it, complete with with wild meadow seeds inside to plant at home.

Seedling Starter Pots 

This workshop focuses on how easy and fun it can be to grow seasonal food at home and thereby reduce food miles and packaging. After exploring ideas around growing local and plot to plate, each participant makes their own paper seedling starter pots planted with vegetable seedlings which can be taken home to grow and eat.

Natural Bird Feeders 

This activity focuses on the part we can all play to help our indigenous and migratory bird population flourish during the hardest part of the year. Everyone taking part creates their own natural bird feeders to take home which will provide the birds where they live with a vital food source when seeds and insects are scarce.


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