Bug Hotel Craft Kit 

Bug Hotel Craft Kit 


Bug Hotel Craft Kit

Build a Bug Hotel together for a wonderful addition to a school garden or outdoor space. The kits arrive complete with all materials, instructions on how to make them, advice on foraging for additional materials to include and clear guidance on how to position your finished beautiful Bug Hotel. Links to relevant online films for further information on the role of bugs and bees in our natural world are also provided to support the activity. Building your very own Bug Hotel will help pupils of all ages learn about the natural world around them and your finished structure will contribute to a diverse and dynamic ecosystem in your garden or outdoor space.

With the help of this kit you can explore the reasons why our indigenous wildlife is declining and what we can do about it. Making your own Bug Hotel creates a safe haven for all kinds of creatures and encourages wildlife.

As well as using the materials provided in the kit, you and your family can take part foraging for natural materials and include what you have found alongside bamboo canes inside your Bug Hotel. Once you have installed your Bug Hotel on a sunny wall, watch as solitary bees (which are safe with children) and other insects start to use the canes to lay their eggs and seal up the holes using mud or leaf litter.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20.00 × 15.00 × 20.00 cm

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  1. Phil Hunton


    We are very fortunate at KHS that we have a medium sized wood beside the school, which we have access to although it is protected under the `Site of Scientific Interest` scheme. With the help of two Year 7 students we ventured off to the woods to site and position the boxes. Shafts of glorious sunlight filtered down on the trees and what was a pleasant morning in Kesgrave.

    The students successfully sited and erected the two boxes in an area of the wood that, whilst not on the beaten paths, is accessible for monitoring of the boxes.

    Both the boxes were well made and filled with various materials to make habitation for bugs very attractive. If schools are participating in scientific studies of bugs, or highlighting green issues, then these boxes will certainly provide secure habitat for a wealth of bugs and creepy crawlies.

    Finally, Phil has been most helpful and patient in assisting us with the boxes and we extend our appreciation to him and to Green up Your Act.” Rob Pearson – Kesgrave High School – Suffolk

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