Turtle_plastic bagPlastic bags are the third most common type of litter found on European beaches, , lakes and rivers. Used for just a few minutes, they last for centuries in the marine environment. Millions of marine mammals, birds, turtles and fish die every year as a result of entanglement or ingestion of marine debris, choking and entangled in man-made litter.
This issue can often seem overwhelming, especially for children.
By decorating a reusable cotton bag with colourful reminders like; three R’s, turning of lights, or growing vegetables, this statement, reduces the amount of plastic we consume and simultaneously,  enables pupils to make an achievable change in their lives that will hopefully cut down on the amount of disposable plastic they consume later in life.

The bags and templates are provided to insure that every participant has a reusable colourful mini shopping bag to take home and use.

Green up your Act