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Green up your Act brings environmental issues to life through stimulating discussions, engaging presentations and creative hands on workshops for both primary and secondary education.

We are passionate about our core subjects: recycling, up-cycling, global/local biodiversity, endangered species and their habitats and the growing of seasonal and local food. Over the past eight years we have worked with hundreds of different schools across the UK. As our feedback demonstrates, our services have proven to be ecologically progressive, educational and fun. All our programmes can be tailored to your specific educational requirements and everything made or grown can be taken home to enjoy by your pupils.

  • The children at Shoreham Beach Primary have loved coming to Eco Club, which has been run by Phil. We are so glad that we are getting the most of our outside wild life area and growing seasonal food. The trip to the Earthship was brilliant and Phil’s knowledge of sustainable materials and processes was enlightening.
    Nicola CrowhurstShoreham Beach School
  • “Our Eco day was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the girls at Streatham and Clapham. We were really lucky to have the company Green Up Your Act come in to carry out some fantastic workshops that encouraged the girls to think about the environment, and supply them with ideas on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home and school. The workshops were educational, hands on and lots of fun! The up-cycled juice cartons were a particular favourite. They were quick and easy to make and certainly sturdy enough to start using at break time for the tuck shop!"  
    Kate WebberStreatham and Clapham School for Girls
  • The whole school really enjoyed your assembly about the importance of recycling which was made even more interesting when you showed them the items that had been made from recycled material. The pratical activity of recycling newspaper to make a plant pot and planting seedlings was a good hands on activity in which all of our pupils were able to experience success. Many thanks Phil!
    Dawn MartinCedar Centre Brighton
  • “Green up your act helped out at the Dalrymple Primary School  during our Eco Week. Philip delivered an exciting “Green Shoots” workshop to the lower primary ages, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children. He pitched the lesson well to suit the different needs and abilities, and the children especially enjoyed making their own paper pot with a seedling to take home. The upper school enjoyed looking at different objects made from recycled materials and then were guided through a craft activity, where they had a chance to make their own recycled notebook. Philip’s expertise has contributed towards making our Eco Week a huge success! Many thanks to Green Up Your Act.”
    Lauren Mc Nair Dalrymple Primary school – Scotland
  • Pupils benefitted from being able to handle a range of items made from recycled materials and discuss what they were made from and how they had been made. The workshops were fun and accessible to everyone as they were appropriately paced and the demonstration was easy to follow. Pupils came away with objects they had made to take home, knowledge they can apply in future projects and a greater understanding of re-using waste materials to make useful items. Many thanks again for your workshop. The children loved it and they all did a piece of writing on your day in our English lesson yesterday. The all remember the four R’s and also they were extremely interested in the rainforest. The parents were extremely impressed with the items the children took home to keep and couldn’t believe a wallet was made out of  juice carton! Please do contact us in January to arrange another workshop.   Carys Henwood Year 1 Edge Grove  
  • Our year two children in Hawthorns class had a great time this morning, making pine cone bird feeders which they then hung in the school garden. Phil from Green up your act talked to the children about the changes in autumn and the need for birds to find food over the winter months. We then collected some sunflower heads from the garden which we use to make the feeders. Each child was able to make their own pinecone feeder. Not only did the children enjoy the creative activity, but it help them see the real links between seasonal changes in how and how we help animals in the local environment. Highly Recommended!!