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Earthship Assembly / Presentation

Over a period of four years Green Up Your Act was given the honour, by the Low Carbon Trust, of organising school visits and providing environmental workshops in the award winning Brighton Earthship.

Through interactive presentations, we take pupils on a virtual tour of the building’s impressive range of sustainable technology; including solar panels, a wind turbine, rainwater harvesting, and the eye catching recycled materials used in the fabric of the building itself.

The Power of Trees Assembly / Presentation

Trees play a huge role in storing carbon from the atmosphere, which makes them vital in the fight against climate change.

We need to increase tree cover in the UK to meet targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. In this presentation, pupils will learn about the environmental benefits of planting trees. As well as understanding that as we return trees to the landscape, we improve our habitats for wildlife; with mammals, insects, birds, and butterflies becoming abundant as nature takes hold.

Food Miles Assembly / Presentation

Food and its relationship with the environment is often overlooked. 

50% of the food we buy is imported to the UK and 1/3 of it never gets eaten. As part of this presentations participants learn how far food travels by tracing the journeys of different varieties of fruit and vegetables.  As a school we discuss together how food is grown, the benefits of fresh food and the responsibility we all have, to reduce the huge amount of wasted food and excess packaging which is produced every day.

Plastic in our ocean Assembly / Presentation

In this assembly on marine litter, we learn at and discuss the use of single use plastic and their alternatives.

Plastic is a part of our daily lives, whether it be a bottle, a straw, or plastic bag, it makes up a large part of the materials we regularly use. When carelessly discarded plastic reaches our seas, it poses a threat to the animals that live there and depend on the oceans for food. To a dolphin, a floating plastic bag looks like a jellyfish and small pieces of floating plastic look like fish to seabirds. Drifting nets entangle birds, fish and mammals, making it difficult to move or eat. As our consumption of plastic mounts, so too does the danger to marine life.

Rainforest Assembly / Presentation

The destruction of the rainforest is one of the largest environmental issues facing mankind. In this assembly we take a look at some of the causes of deforestation.

The presentation starts by listening to the sounds of the rainforest. We quickly discover that rainforests are one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. They contain two-thirds of all the world’s plant and wildlife species. For example a single hectare of tropical rainforest may have as many as 200 species of trees. Large areas of rainforest have been cleared to make way for cattle farming and soya bean production. The removal of commercially valuable hardwoods such as teak and mahogany have accounted for most of the lost species.

  • The workshop was pitched at just the right level for the children. They were interested and engaged. They enjoyed the hands on experience of making the newspaper pots and handling the objects. Thanks for a great workshop!
    Gaynor HopeNelson Primary School
  • It was great to have Philip in our school. The reception children really enjoyed becoming "Habitat Heroes" and the recycling workshops were a hit with the year 4 and 5 . Philip was also happy to discuss how we could move our school eco-club forward. Thanks for travelling all the way to our school
    Ben WilsonSparhawk Infant School - Norwich
  • "Many thanks for all your workshops today – the children really loved them, and it got across some simple but important messages. It was a great addition to our Eco Day!"
    Eleanor WalkerVictoria Park School, Bristol – Eco School Leader
  • "My students really enjoyed Phil’s imaginative up-cycling lesson.  He gave clear instructions and guided the class carefully through the activity, revealing important ideas about living sustainably.  The workshop was informative, enjoyable, and run in a very professional way relating to the national curriculum. We will have no hesitation in inviting him back."
    Lynda LangleyNelson Primary School Twickenham London
  • This course has opened my eyes to a new way of teaching! The experience has shown me how to take my skills as a Gardner and Scout Leader and use them in fulfilling my ambition to work as an environmental teacher. I’m looking forward to further input throughout the seasons.
    Matt SmithScout Leader
  • "My son started Eco Club at West Hove Junior School this term. He absolutely loves it and is buzzing with information when he comes home.  We bought strawberry plants and a planter which is now growing on our patio.  Thanks so much for inspiring him to have green fingers!"
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