Over the past 18 years we have worked with hundreds of different schools across the UK. As our feedback demonstrates, our services have proven to be ecologically progressive, educational and fun

Primary School Case Studies

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Teacher: Pippa Tate

Workshops: Recycling – Up-cycling

Key stage: 1 and 2

Number of children taught: 216

Feedback from the teacher
“Thank you very much indeed for your day with us last week. I think it went very well, it was wonderful to see the children rushing up to show their wallets. I haven’t seen this idea before and it fitted in very well for the classes subjects. It must have been a very tiring day for you, I’m pleased it went well and we’ll look forward to being in touch when we have another environmental week.”

St Scholastica Roman Catholic Primary School

Teacher: Charlotte Roden – Sustainability Co-ordinator

Workshops: Habitat Heroes

Key stage: 1 and 2

Number of children taught: 212

Feedback from the teacher:
“Thank you for the great work you did today. The best thing about it was that the children were really engaged in the activity and gained hands-on experience making the Bug Hotel and Bird Houses for the school grounds, I felt it was really important that the children were part of choosing the location of the houses and took responsibility for putting them in a sensible place. The sessions throughout the school, fitted in with the different year group topics and really helped me as a teacher, to put their learning into context through practical experience.”

Dalrymple Primary School –  Ayr – Scotland

Teacher: Lauren McNair

Workshops: Recycling – Up-cycling / Habitat Heroes 

Key stage: Early years KS 1 and 2

Number of children taught: 198

Feedback from the teacher:
 “ Green Up Your Act helped out at Dalrymple Primary School during our Eco week. Philip delivered an exciting ‘Green Shoots’ workshop, to the lower primary ages, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children. He pitched the lesson well to suit the different needs and abilities, the children especially enjoyed making their own paper  seedling pot to take home and grow. The upper school enjoyed looking at different objects made from recycled materials and then we were guided through a craft activity, where they made their own recycled notebook. His expertise’s has contributed towards making our Eco week a huge success!”

Secondary Case Studies

Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology College – Lancashire

Teacher: Mark Crompton

Format: Sliver Eco School Award

Workshops: Green Shoots / Up-cycling Workshops

Key stage: 3

Amount of workshops: 21

Number of days: 4

Quote submitted by teacher:

“We really enjoyed our super learning week! Philip managed to cover the whole school with the carousel format. Both the Green shoots and Up-cycling workshops were well received year by yr groups 7 to 10. We learned that food miles were greater than we thought. The seedlings in paper pots were taken home to grow and pupils that didn’t have a garden, we’re able to use our newly constructed raised beds. The four days of green workshops, will be used as evidence towards our Eco Schools Silver Flag award. Thanks for a memorable Super Learning Week”.

Alastair MacLean – Alford Academy – Aberdeen 


Teacher: Alastair MacLean 

Format: “We would like the workshop to support the Active Citizenship Activity area of the Achieve 

programme as well as helping young people engage with STEM through an environmental project in their community”. 

Workshops: Bug Hotel – Protecting UK Habitats

Key stage: 4

Number of days: 1

                   “Thanks so much for coming to our school and engaging us in a fantastic workshop. The pupils really enjoyed the activities you developed. You engaged them very well indeed and the content of the information you delivered was excellent. Your power point was also excellent in the terms of content, information and presentation, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. You came across extremely well with the group and that is very commendable as that particular group can find it hard to concentrate for any le

ngth of time – very well done there! The outdoor activity topped off a fantastic morning of activity. The group participated well and remained focused as you engaged them from time to time, making sure everyone was still on track.

All in all, this morning’s workshop was fantastic and the group gained valuable information into their own personal community and that was a real bonus.

I will feed back to the Trust on how well the activities were received and how well you delivered them- excellent of course!

You are more than welcome back here any time and hopefully you will visit us again.

I will circulate the website to all staff in the Academy and Primary and feedback any information if it arises”.



Cardinal Newman Catholic School – East Sussex

Teacher: Kathryn Smith

Format: Food miles, where does our food come from?

Type of workshops: Green Shoots

Key stage: 3

Number of Days: 1

Amount of workshops: 4

Number of students taught: 140

Quote submitted by teacher:

“The Green Shoots workshop was excellent! Teaching the children about food and where it comes from in a fun and interactive way, I’m sure we will all think twice about food miles. Many thanks, we look forward to working with Green Up Your Act again.”

Sussex Streatham Clapham School for Girls

Teacher: Kate Webber

Format: Eco-Science Day

Workshops: Up-cycling Workshops

Amount of workshops:12

Key Stage: 4

Days: 2

Students taught: 396

“Our Eco day was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the girls at Streatham and Clapham. We were really lucky to have the company Green Up Your Act come in to carry out some fantastic workshops that encouraged the girls to think about the environment, and supply them with ideas on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home and school.

The workshops were educational, hands on and lots of fun! The up-cycled juice cartons were a particular favourite.”

Uckfield Technology Collage

Teacher: Anna Frendo – Sustainability Co-ordinator
Format: Eco Week
Amount of workshops: 6
Key stage: 4
Number of days: 1
Number of students: 193

Feedback submitted by teacher:

“Fantastic, the kids really enjoyed having a new face to teach them about the importance of sharing the earth’s resources. They particularly enjoyed the practical aspect of the lesson – using tetra packs (which are so difficult to recycle), to make something useful they could take home.”

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