Eco Masterclasses for Secondary School Pupils

 Working with a class at a time, the Eco Safari sessions guide primary school pupils through two to three of our creative workshops over the course of a morning or afternoon.

Up-cycling & Recycling Masterclasses Safari

We explore together what it means to look after the planet at home, in school and in a wider global context. Discussions are enriched through an interactive presentation about the Earthship, an award winning sustainable building and by examining a range of colourful up-cycled objects and recycled materials from around the world. Pupils then make two of their own up-cycled products including a notebook from beautiful old maps, followed by crafting a juice carton wallet. These can be taken home to enjoy and used as a potent reminder of what we can do to look after our environment.

Habitat Heroes Eco Masterclasses

By choosing two activities your pupils can become habitat super heroes before lunch time! Give wildlife a helping hand through making pine cone bird feeders and a Bug Hotel to help birds and insects thrive in your school grounds. Alternatively, play a part in avoiding plastic reaching our oceans by creating an up-cycled ‘Eco Fish’ and decorating a re-usable cotton bag, drawing attention to how single use plastic is harming marine life and offering alternatives to plastic usage. Practical activities engage your pupils with the ways they can play a part in protecting our habitats at home and further afield.

Seasonal Green Shoots Eco Masterclasses

An inspiring combination of two growing activities creates a powerful leaning experience focusing on where our food comes from, how it is grown and how far it travels. During the session we trace food to its origins and discuss the benefits of eating seasonally and locally. We then get growing locally together by making paper starter pots for seedlings and planting our own seasonal fruit and vegetables in your school’s raised beds for harvesting within the school term. At the same time as exploring how eating food from closer to home means less pollution, less plastic packaging and how fresh foods boost our health, pupils also learn practical gardening skills during the workshop.

  • “Working with Green Up Your Act has been a great experience. From the first point of contact Philip was enthusiastic about our school’s 'Go-Green' work and had great ideas to help make it a successful project. The whole school, children and teachers alike, loved the assembly and it left us full of enthusiasm and the children who made up-cycled items had a great time. The up-cyling workshops were accessible to all children and they are using what they made and really proud that they have recycled. We look forward to working with Green Up Your Act again in the future.”                                                                                                                                                  
    Katherine Lamb Emmaville Primary School - Tyne & Wear
  • This course has opened my eyes to a new way of teaching! The experience has shown me how to take my skills as a Gardner and Scout Leader and use them in fulfilling my ambition to work as an environmental teacher. I’m looking forward to further input throughout the seasons.
    Matt SmithScout Leader
  • "This course is great value! It has given me confidence and lots of direction! The Eco club starter pack is just what I needed. I’m looking forward to starting my own Eco Club!"
    Vander Sande SophieBiology Teacher
  • Pupils benefitted from being able to handle a range of items made from recycled materials and discuss what they were made from and how they had been made. The workshops were fun and accessible to everyone as they were appropriately paced and the demonstration was easy to follow. Pupils came away with objects they had made to take home, knowledge they can apply in future projects and a greater understanding of re-using waste materials to make useful items.
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful eco-day here at Trull School. You arrived well-prepared, were calm and patient with our children and the information you taught them was relevant and interesting. The workshops you undertook with our KS2 children were excellent. The staff and children were all talking about the up-cycled notebooks you made with them, and they were able to learn whilst getting involved with a hands-on project that opened up so many more opportunities for them. I would recommend you and your company to any school looking to enhance their work around the environment, and would not hesitate to invite you back to our school.
    Stewart BiddlesHeadteacher – Trull Primary School -Taunton
  • Wonderful and informative and inspirational way for kids to have fun! Rafferty is still telling everyone about his orange juice carton wallet!

Eco Masterclasses

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